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Our event will be held on October 7, 8, 14, and 15th, 2017


Event Brochure

The associates of the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive produced a colorful brochure of the Scenic Drive. This brochure and information have been created for those interested in becoming a sanctioned vendor as well as other requests for information about the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive.

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Brochure

If you prefer, you may send a mail to our PO Box address to request a brochure or program book, and to send a message, inquiry, or comment. You may also give us a call.

Please note that a 2016 program book sent by mail costs $2 and shipping will be $3. The total is $5 for each book sent by mail. Please send a check or money order to Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive for $5.

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Thank you. We hope to see you at the 2017 Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive.

Contact Information for Vendors

If you are interested in becoming a vendor during the Fall Festival, contact Fall Festival Chairperson Robbin Kost. If you want to make an inquiry via email, please direct your message to

Robbin Kost

Fall Festival Chairperson

Box 804

Astoria, IL 61501

Phone: 309-221-2799

You may download the registration form from our Vendor Links and Information page.

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